Monday, September 12, 2011

guest blogging on 24 novels in one year

my friend don britt is in the midst of an inspired and cracked attempt to write 24 novels in one year. he's almost done! you can follow him on twitter - @Britt_dj - and check out his website here.

a few months ago i suggested he join twitter as publishers *love* it when writers are demonstrably in the modern world. don joined, mastered the short-form writing, and just zipped past 2,000 followers.

today he kindly invited me to guest blog about my own guerrilla writing project from 2009 - christmas at the airport


there are two ways into the publishing world: the front door and the back. the front door is straightforward and extremely difficult – write your book and submit it to agents and publishers, recover from the stunning rejections, and submit it to more agents and publishers. eventually, the door might open a crack and a curious eye will peek out.

... you can read the rest here
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