Thursday, February 23, 2012

run away to join the Cirque - tonight!

Pictureatlantic cirque's Decade is making its debut in halifax tonight. a big part of the fun of freelancing is the unexpected  calls you get - like the one from the cirque last year asking if i'd like to write a script for their 10-year anniversary show.

i've been working on it on and off since and have seen a few of the rehearsals - it's an amazing show. it takes you around the world through dance, and then brings it all home to nova scotia. i finally got to make good writing use of all the travelling i've done with scenes set in spain, egypt, paris and of course nova scotia.

the cbc's colleen jones stopped by yesterday  - you can see her piece here. the herald has a piece today too. you can see more about the show here, and also buy tickets.

the show is selling out fast and runs only until sunday, so make your plans now.
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