Monday, July 16, 2012

bedford reefs, point pleasant podcasts and white point resurrections - a week at the cbc

i had a great week reporting for cbc last week. i pitched a flurry of stories, but happy fate combined sunny weather with stories in point pleasant park, the bedford reef and white point beach.

this video item posted to the cbc website is my piece about point pleasant park in halifax's new podcast, a story i have visited before in other formats.

this item here is the written version of my story in the changes down the street from my house in bedford. a new waterfront development has many people excited, but others are worried that some of the area's beautiful, ancient shoreline will be unnecessarily lost in the process.

this piece was a good-news item at white point beach. the resort had a famous fire during a wedding that created this famous photo. eight months later, the rebuild is taking shape. i spent the day at the construction site seeing the progress - this pic was taken by their communications person, donna hatt.
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