Monday, March 23, 2015

Word for Word: Burying dead gods and rescuing storm seals

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Hello! Welcome to Word for Word, your monthly look at language.

Where do gods go when they die? We bury them in our language. Word for Word looks at the forgotten gods entombed in the names of our months...

Article Review
Check out this article I wrote recently for CBC to see if you can identify the writing technique I used (don't cheat and read ahead!). "An ex-politician mistook a man for a seal and then rescued him from a blizzard this winter..." 

Writing Technique Tip

Did you pay attention to the "through line" - the theme of the article above? Of course it's the seal (who doesn't even exist!) and I put him in the first paragraph, in the middle, and returned to him at the end. A good through line ties a story together and keeps the reader moving all the way to the end.
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